I returned from a little European getaway last week.


And with a tan, may I add! Me and three of my other girl friends travelled the short journey to Girona, near Barcelona and then headed to my friend’s house in the small, quaint location of L’Escala.

I have been to Spain many times before and so because of this I must admit that before this getaway I thought I had already seen what Spain has to offer me. However, I was proven wrong!


The weather was scorching when we arrived, even though it was still early June. The area really did have a good mix of English and Spanish – I have previously visited other Spanish locations such as Majorca, which although is still a lovely place, I don’t feel there is as much culture there!

Although it was still a tourist area, L’Escala really was the perfect little Spanish getaway for 4 girls like us.


On the first full day we drove to see late Salvador Dali’s wife’s old home which was really worthwhile and the scenery surrounding the place was stunning. It cost us just under 10 euros each for the entry.



For the rest of our getaway we really did just spend most of our time relaxing on the beach, walking to the ‘old town’ and eating our weight in Spanish tapas! The food may I add, is brilliant for money and we managed to eat out every day.

image2 1

image4 1

Although the area was pretty quiet, apparently it really picks up and becomes busy in July and August. However I think I actually preferred it being nice and quiet really, I actually mostly prefer having chilled days and relaxed nights sometimes!

The surroundings were also really green which reminded me slightly of Italy, and mountains lined the backdrop of the sea.




So, if you’re looking for an easy, relaxed getaway – check out this place and its surrounding areas before you decide to dismiss Spain as a country you have already seen.




Lots of love,


Bethany xx


I am a great lover of baking cakes, and when I am sat at home on a spare afternoon I often find myself looking for recipes to experiment with. I have more of a sweet tooth than savoury and so the best bit can usually be the tasting part…

image11 (1)

As soon as I came across this recipe I knew straight away I had to try it out; with minimal ingredients and a fruity, summery twist, I couldn’t resist! The recipe was perfect because it really is one of those cake recipes that you can find all of the ingredients left over in the kitchen somewhere.

image3 (2)


1. Measuring cups

2. A 9-inch deep baking dish


  • 1-1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1-1/2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 6 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons sugar, separate
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • A bunch of strawberries

Firstly, whisk together the flour, baking powder and salt then set aside.


In another bowl, beat the butter and 1 cup of sugar until pale, light and fluffy. Slowly beat in the egg and the vanilla until all well combined. Alternating with the milk, gradually add the flour mix into the other ingredients.

Transfer the thick mix into the greased pan or dish and flatten down with a spatula.

Cut the strawberries into halves and arrange them on the top of the batter.

image5 (2)

Sprinkle the remaining spoons of sugar over the strawberries, then bake for ten minutes at 175 degrees Celsius. Turn the heat down to 160 degrees Celsius and then continue to bake until a golden brown and until baked throughout.

image6 (2)

And there you go! It really did taste great, and I served it up as a dessert after a weeknight dinner this week.

I shall credit the website www.onceuponachef.com for the original recipe!

Lots of love,

Bethany xx

image8 (2)


Behold, my first style/beauty post!

Although my blog has began as a Lifestyle blog, I do also have a little passion for style and beauty so I thought why not mix in a little of this genre every now and then.

And what better way to introduce my personal style than my minimum everyday essentials post!


In this post, I will try and portray my personal style by what I usually wear/use on an everyday occasion.

Firstly, what I hardly ever go without – is a watch. I love, love, love watches and the current watch you can always find me wearing 24/7 is my Marc Jacobs watch.


I am still a lover of rose gold, however I was never personally too keen on diamantes myself, and so this watch really is perfect – its not too dainty but at the same time it isn’t too clunky for my wrist and the white face is still quite classic.

I don’t really wear many other jewellery items, however there is a ring that I inherited from my grandmother that I love to wear and after this I always found myself looking at rings that I would like to buy. My recent jewellery buy is from New Look – it is a really dainty lavender ring and it just feels so summery and so it is perfect for this season.


My next staple item is in fact a beauty item. Although I do not wear it everyday, I feel as thought it is so good that it is worth a mention! My Estee Lauder ‘Double Wear’ foundation was introduced to me by my sister, and at first I was reluctant as it was £30 odd to buy and I usually do not wear or fuss over too much make up anyway. However, it really is worth the money and since I only wear it on days that I feel I want my make up to feel extra smooth and kept in place it has lasted me almost 4-5 months! It also has an SPF 10 for those of you who, like myself, is prone to a little sun sensitivity…

So if you are looking for make up that goes that extra mile – I really do recommend this, as do so many other people I know!


Now another beauty brand I have been using a lot recently is Glo & Ray – my friends brought me along to their press day in London the other week and we came out with a load of goodies, including a lot of lipsticks. I have always searched for the perfect nude lipstick and their shade ‘Venus’ is gorgeous! (Venus is the one below in the photo that looks a little overused…) ‘Honey’ is also a beautiful shade that I enjoy using at the moment, it stays in place for a good few hours and is the right lipstick in the photo below.


Whilst I am talking about Glo & Ray I might as well mention their primer is also pretty great – I have been using it a lot lately and it feels so smooth to put on your skin and creates a great base before I put any make up on.


Now, as I have featured it in the photographs I thought I may as well mention the phone case I recently picked up – also from New Look. It was less than £10 so was pretty much a real bargain and also is filled with lilac, flowery tones (I have realised whilst writing this post that with both the ring and the phone case I am obviously having a pastel lilac phase)


So there it is – my first introductory, basic style post!

It wasn’t very long however this was simply my basic essentials, and every now and then I will be posting some style or beauty tips alongside my lifestyle and travel posts.


Lots of love,

Bethany x







I have only ever been to Dublin in Ireland, but it sure is a gorgeous place.


With friendly, approachable people everywhere and old pubs on every corner, it truly is somewhere you must go to explore.

I went to the city of Dublin for four days, and I found I had enough time to see many of it’s attractions without any rushing about. Here are my top tips on how to make the most of the city in just a few days…

My number one recommendation is the Guinness Factory. Of course this is a typical recommendation, however it exceeded my expectations and I found this to be one of my favourite parts of the trip. It really is interesting to see how it’s made, and the best bit is getting a free Guinness (over 18’s of course) at the top of the building overlooking the whole of Dublin!


IMG_2689 IMG_2691

We were lucky we had such a beautiful day and we could see Dublin clearly, we also found ourselves chatting to a fascinating Australian couple for about an hour about how they’ve travelled the world.

On the same day, we went to see Kilmainham Gaol – an infamous old prison (no longer in use of course!) which was interesting however it was not my favourite part of the trip due to the queuing and it felt like it dragged out a little longer than necessary.


In the evenings, there is plenty to do. One night we got the cab down to the famous Temple Bar, which was beautiful but expensive inside (about €7 for an alcoholic drink) however we got talking to some people from America and many other places. I don’t think the girls I went with liked it as much as me but with a fairy lit garden in the Temple Bar and live music, I absolutely loved it.

Temple Bar by day is even nicer than by night – with street art around every corner and quirky cafes and stores, I think I even preferred it to London’s Shoreditch!



If you are looking for a hotel that is smart yet affordable, I recommend the Harcourt Hotel which is where we stayed. It is a lovely looking hotel but also quite affordable as it is located just outside of the centre. Also if you are over 18 and looking for a night out, there are some nightclubs right opposite Harcourt Hotel! They were popular and you could see why.


IMG_2876 (2)


Of course, when you’re in Dublin you can’t miss the shopping. With hundreds of stores and street acts there is plenty to see – including a three-storey Disney store (don’t judge me for that…)

Right by the shopping on Grafton Street there is also the beautiful St. Stephens Green, which is great to have a break and relax in on a rare sunny Irish day!

Trinity College is my last must-see place in Dublin. It is free to walk around, and it’s old large buildings are full of beautiful Irish history. You can also be given a tour of the college including the famous library however  for this there is a fee.



If you are considering a visit here then I really do recommend going! It is a beautiful city and I think the people here are some of the friendliest I have met. I wish when I was there I had seen outside of the city but that will be on my list when I next visit Ireland.

P.s. I am going to Spain for 7 days next week – so I may not be able to post whilst there, but I might do a little travel post on the area when I get back!

Lots of love,

Bethany xxx



Myself and a group of friends headed over to Greenwich the other day to spend the day browsing the gorgeous market.

The weather was perfect for the day we had planned (aka simply meaning no-scarves-required: I am in England of course!) And not only did we find treasures within the market stalls, we also ventured further around Greenwich and found what is now one of my favourite places in London…


The market was our first destination, and if you are heading into Greenwich it is certainly something you cannot miss out on seeing. With a few vintage stores, art shops and coffee rooms surrounding many unique market stalls, it is no wonder as to why it is such a well known market within the capital.

The food however, is the best thing. I couldn’t resist buying one of these freshly made mini pancake boats – and for only a few pounds!





We then headed towards the Royal Naval College, (which was designed in the late 1600s!) and fell upon this absolute spectacle – “The Painted Hall”.

As I stepped into this glorious hall, I was taken aback by the bright, vivid colours that surrounded me. It was filled with long dining tables, and I discovered whilst I was there that it was once a dining hall for old Navy Veterans. (Apologies for the mini history lesson there)




My photographs really do not do it justice, and so if you are in London, I highly recommend seeing it all for yourself.


Tulip Staircase: “The Queens House”



Last but not least – the skyline is my third and final must-see moment in Greenwich. Arguably one of the finest views of the London skyline.

It is a little walk to the top if you are walking from the markets, however the park itself here is also stunning on a nice day and you will find everyone sat down with their picnic blankets making the most of the sun.

So those are my top tips for Greenwich, London.             IMG_8353

I’m going to be posting more places from Central

London soon too so be sure to check these out!

I might even be posting my first beauty post soon too.

Lots of love,


Bethany x