Whether or not you’re going to University, there may come a time where you will need to get an internship or take part in some form of work experience.

In the career I wish to pursue, experience is key. I was recently in an unpaid magazine internship for 3 months, but I genuinely learnt so much – so I thought I would share some first-hand tips on how to be successful in your work experience:

DO Ask Questions

Whether you have been there for a week or 2 months, you should never be afraid to ask if you’re not sure how to do something. This is your chance to learn. It is much better to ask and get it right than do everything wrong.

But DON’T Ask For Things to Do Every 5 Minutes

At the beginning of the internship, it can be easy to keep offering help for things all the time. But sometimes you need to use your initiative and think of a way to help out on your own. Ask questions when you aren’t sure, but asking too many over and over and over may become irritating.

DO Treat it Like a Job

If you don’t turn up on time, take multiple days off whenever you feel like it, and aren’t enthusiastic, then you might as well quit. Internships are great for gaining a great reference, experience, and enjoying your time there, so do what you’re there for, and do it well.

DON’T Bring the Wrong Mindset to Work

Even if a task you are assigned is quite boring, that doesn’t mean you have to have a face like thunder whilst completing the task. Smile, be polite, get the task done well and it will probably be appreciated a lot more – you might even be rewarded with better tasks in the future in return.

DO Make the Most of Your Experience

Placements give you a real insight into how the industry (whichever one you have chosen) works in the “real world”, so soak up as much info as you can. Make as many contacts as possible, and maintain a friendly relationship with the employers at the business/company you are interning for, for future references.

DO Treat it Like a Job

If you don’t turn up on time, take multiple days off whenever you feel like it, and aren’t enthusiastic, then you might as well quit. Internships are great for gaining a great reference, so do what you’re there for, and do it well.


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You have it all planned out. You’ve booked your ticket and have packed your things for that big move to London.

One thing is for sure. You want a life in the Big Smoke and need some handy, useful tips. Well, here are a few words of advice…

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Research All Areas Of London

Try to think of London as a load of little towns rather than one collective city. Each borough, area, and street has a different feel and vibe to it. Think about what you want, what matters to you and what you wish to be close to before just renting in any old area in London. Research each area in depth before deciding: choose Shoreditch or Hoxton if you’re a bit quirky (aka “hipster”), or Brixton for the diversity, etc.

Consider A Flat Share

Of course, many of us wish to rent a flat for ourselves. But unless you’re very lucky or are earning enough, there really isn’t much point. Many one bedroom apartments won’t be under £1,400, but you could easily get a 3+ bedroom flat for £1600+. Splitting the cost leaves you with a lot more money to play with – and what’s the point of living in London if you have no money to enjoy it?

Don’t Pay A Deposit Until You’ve Seen The Property

Landlords and letting agents only want you to pay for that property, so don’t rely on photos and their advice to show you the full picture. Book a viewing if possible (which only takes 10 minutes!) because you don’t want to be stuck somewhere you hate. See the area and property for yourself before signing your money over.

London IS Expensive

You’ve heard this one before. But unfortunately, unlike many London myths, this one is true. If you’re moving from abroad, check out Numbeo before you head here to compare the prices to other cities.

Londoners Love A Discount

Despite the expensiveness, you can use food blog advice, a TasteCard for great food offers, or even Groupon and Woucher for great offers on both essentials and activities within London.

You Will Never Be Bored

Endless restaurants, pop-up venues and bars make this a haven for foodies, socialisers and boozers. And the museums and London parks are FREE. If its sunny, head to Hyde Park and relax, or if its raining (more likely) choose from all of the museums to venture through.

You Do NOT Need A Car

I spend most of my time in London, and the fastest – and sometimes cheapest – way to get around the city is via public transport. Car parks are extortionate (think £10 UPWARDS per day, sometimes even just for an hour or two), congestion charges, and the often horrendous traffic…

Get A Contactless Bank Card

Nearly everywhere in London offers contactless payment, and you can even use them for the tubes/buses. It is my back-up if I ever lost my oyster card. You CANNOT use cash on any of the buses.

You’re Only One Tube Stop Away? Walk.

Most stops on the tube are actually extremely close together. Unless it is pouring down with rain, you could probably walk to the next stop in the same amount of time that it takes to tap in, get on the tube, get off, and tap out. For example, Leicester Square is only 250 metres from Covent Garden. Walk it.

Find Your Favourite Spot

When the frantic pace of the city, or the cloudy skies above are getting you down – its important to have a place that reminds you why you love London so much. Whether it is a pretty garden square, one of the many awesome coffee shops and cafes, or just a great bar that makes a mean Cosmopolitan – there are a thousand reasons to fall in love with London.

After all, why else would it be so busy, right? 




A 40 acre, colourful haven hidden in a glorious, enormous park. Who would’ve thought that you’d find this in London…


It is well known that Richmond Park is London’s largest Royal Park, and I visit it quite often. It can take hours and hours to walk around the entire thing, and it always reminds me of being back in the countryside.

It amazes me that you can find such a stunning park in London! And this week, we found a little haven that you may have heard of yourself, the Isabella Plantation.

In the spring months, this 40 acre, gated area is blooming with all sorts of colourful flowers and is dotted with streams running right through the middle of it.




I would say that you should visit now whilst Spring is still in swing! Summer will be nice too I expect, but the hundreds of trees still full in blossom really made this place quite magical.

Plenty of photo opportunities for sure, so take a visit here if you fancy a little escape from the hustle and bustle. We walked it from Roehampton Gate, which was really nice hike however much easier if you have a bike or a car, as there is a car park right nearby.





Seeing as last weekend it was (supposedly) hotter/sunnier than Ibiza, then it’s pretty much the perfect time to check out this amazing garden!


Last month I attended the Bloggers Hangout, where I returned with bags absolutely jam-packed with amazing goodies.

I have a few favourites that I’ve since been using all of the time that I can’t wait to share with you!

I thought I would use them for a while first and come back to you with the products I genuinely enjoy using and feel that you can benefit from, rather than blogging about them straight away before I even knew if they were good.

DISCLAIMER: All of these products were gifted to me, however I am not being paid to review these in any way and these are simply the 4 products and brands that I honestly have been using since I received them.


This skincare brand is pretty amazing for cleansing. I use the ARK Pro Remove Pre Cleanse very often before going to bed, as it removes any make-up/dirt that is left behind that even the average make-up remover misses! The Grape seed, Avocado and Kiwi Oil ingredients also leaves my skin feeling sooooo soft. It has a multi-fruit lipid blend that dissolves ever last trace of “daily grime” – including water proof mascara.

Price: 150ml for £30




I was never one to fall for the Rose Water trend until now. Jurlique’s Rosewater Balancing Mist is a daily hydrating mist that restores and hydrates the complexion. It leaves my skin feeling so soft, possesses antioxidant properties and also smells of amazingly sweet roses. You can spray it whenever you wish for an instant refreshment and scent of real roses. What’s not to love?!

Price: 50ml for £18 or 100ml for £24.




We were given quite a few products from PurePotions and you may have heard of it before, perhaps in the news, since it has been a lifesaver for so many people with sensitive skin and eczema. However, my favourite one by far is the intensive hand cream. This cream is gentle, unfragranced and completely free from parabens, petro-chemicals and perfumes. Use this as part of a daily skincare routine.

Price: 50ml for £10.99




This totally affordable skincare range has become part of my everyday routine. I use it before bed almost every night, and is something I shall definitely be buying again. Amie has really helped my skin have the perfect balance:  any oiliness and spots are more controlled but the moisture and hydration is still there. The products are made from 95% natural ingredients, are pH balanced, dermatologically tested and great for vegans! I use the Cleansing Miscellar Water, Exfoliating Polish, Facial Wash and the Daily Moisturiser.

Price: ranges from £4.95 – £5.95 each



So there you have it! Do check out any of these if you can, and I hope you fall for them just like I have!


So although Summer is technically not here yet, it has been scorching hot for London in the last week.

I’ve been feeling extra ‘summer-y’ lately, so figured I’d do a little post full of summery-ness. On the weekend, it was hotter than Ibiza and Las Vegas. As a Londoner, I’m not used to this much sunshine, so we had to make the most of it and spend the entire day outside.


We headed to Richmond Park, which is right down the road to me. I am so lucky to be living near this gorgeous park, and it is a park everyone should definitely consider heading to on the next hot day.

We took our handy picnic basket packed with food and drinks, and headed towards Richmond Park, Roehampton gate entrance. You can take and park your car for free, or take a walk if you live close by, and set up a space for the day in any area of the park.


It is the biggest Royal Park in London, so there’s plenty of spots to choose from.

By Roehampton gate entrance, there’s a gorgeous stream that runs through the middle so we spend the day on this stunning little spot.



(Bag: Fiorelli)

As the day went on, temperatures reached up to 30 degrees Celcius. Some people were taking refreshing dips in the rivers, and herds of deers would wander by on the other side of the river as we sat in the sun.


Strawberries, cream, Pimms cider and sunshine… Pretty much a perfect combo to me. 

How are you spending the summer days so far?