Things you may spot during an early morning in Paris:
A local patisserie overflowing with Parisians, fresh baguettes tucked under one arm; early risers on their usual commute to work, some taking the Metro, some cycling outside in the fresh air; couples and friends perched on wicker chairs outside of gloriously red cafes, sipping on strong espresso before beginning their day.



And if you were about last weekend, you could have spotted me and my other half, wandering around at the crack of dawn trying to find petit dejeuner… (or brekkie as we know it here)


We were staying in the gorgeous & theatrical Sasha Hotel near Pigalle. Early Sunday morning we scoured the streets for breakfast, passing the warming patisseries, tempting us in with the aromas of fresh pastries flowing out onto the pavement.


Despite briefly living in France during my younger school years, this was actually my first time staying in Paris – and I loved everything about it. The city scene is both busy and beautiful, with incredibly old buildings and sights around every corner; yet never overwhelming. It is somewhat calmer, and has a much slower pace than London (certainly more so than New York) and so it still holds familiar traits of the small town France that I know so well.

And on that Sunday morning, after much indecisiveness, we settled on Cafe Indiana, falling in love with its iconic Parisian style; the royal red decor and wicker seating.


French breakfast anyone? I’m a sucker for freshly squeezed orange juice and freshly baked bread.


…But we couldn’t leave it at that. Eggs, bacon and sausages on the side will also do just fine, thank you…


It’s important to have a big breakfast if you plan on walking a lot. We used public transport twice over 3 days, and realised that you see more of the city if you walk rather than traipse underground on the metro.  Download Google Maps to your phone and it will be your new best friend (and some comfy shoes)


Of course, whilst in Paris, one must go up the Tour de Eiffel. Not exactly Parisian, but a tourist must do!

The views are breathtaking and well worth the wait. However, the queues are often long so buy a ticket in advance if this is something you really wish to do.



And after too much tourist-ing, I think a glass of champers is in order.


Luckily, the Hotel Sasha offers champagne every night for all guests… *fistpumps*