There is no more romantic and recognizable gesture than when one steps down onto one knee, and presents a ring to the one he so dearly loves.

Symbolising a promise of marriage and everlasting devotion, this traditional custom has been popular for centuries, and so the proposal has slowly become one of the most memorable elements of a couple’s journey.

After the question has been answered in the affirmative, a glimmering engagement ring is then slipped gracefully onto the bride-to-be’s finger, and a kiss seals the commitment of his promise, just as it traditionally seals the wedding vows.

Although there is no clear historical origin of the idea of proposing on a bent knee, it is a highly symbolic gesture that embodies the very essence of commitment and love. Some believe that the gesture bears striking resemblance to many other ceremonial events and historic origins, such as in royalty, when nobles would kneel whilst being presented honours from Kings and Queens. Paintings from the Middle Ages also portray men on bended knees to courtly women they were utterly devoted to, but whichever the case, the custom is engraved deep in romantic history.

It has always been deemed a sign of deep respect, and a surrender to another’s love; which still resonate with our values today.

Even in history, marriage was as much about love and desire as it was about social and economic stability. The engagement ring itself is a custom dating back to Ancient Rome, and it was believed to symbolise everlasting union and the love’s eternity.

For contemporary couples, the importance of the proposal must not be underestimated, and every fine detail must be perfected to confirm the proposal is a moment that both lovers will remember and cherish forever. A flawless marriage proposal can be the difference between a yes or a no, and it is a moment that should be tailored specifically to the couple with no room for error.

When to propose…

Selecting the perfect date and time are important factors in a proposal. February is the month of love, and so it is not surprising that 20% of women wish to get engaged on Valentine’s Day. Other annual holidays and events, such as News Years Day and Christmas also remain popular with contemporary proposals, since the events naturally evoke feelings of blissful romance and joy. However, when declaring one’s devotion, possessing originality and tailoring the date and time to something unique to a relationship, such as an anniversary, adds a personal touch that can evoke passion and deep, sentimental emotions.



How to propose…

When it comes to planning a wedding, everyone is well versed on the role of a Wedding Planner, but how many have ever considered using a proposal expert? Here at Wedding Status, we advise those who wish to enhance the glamour of this moment, should consider employing a proposal planner.

It is easy for one to assume that a proposal planner takes away any originality that one may seek from a proposal, however, this is far from the truth. The most respected proposal planners assist in tailoring luxury proposals entirely for one’s significant other, and all of the finer details are simply perfected to the upmost standards to ensure no mistakes.

Whether it be discovering the most luxurious private manor, or sourcing the finest red roses to romanticise the scene, ensuring these important details are perfected can create an ethereal fantasy that a lady just has to say ‘yes’ to.

Here at Wedding Status, we recommend premier firm The Proposers, who are one of the highest rated proposal experts in the world, and have even been named Europe’s most sought after proposal planners. Their planning experts have access to stunning, exclusive proposal venues and are the creators of high-end proposals and extraordinary romantic moments, designed with the modern couple in mind.


Selecting the ring…

Undeniably, the ring is the most important element of the proposal. Selecting the engagement ring is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and as such a significant purchase, it has to be flawless. Transforming feelings of love and devotion into a fine, bespoke piece of jewellery is an exciting thought, but there are also some practicalities that should be remembered. Firstly, only source gemstones from professional, well-respected experts that can spend a significant amount of time getting to know you and your desires. Not only this, but trusted jewellers can provide oneself with peace of mind when it comes down to the lifelong integrity and beauty of such an important investment. The cut, clarity, colour and carat are incredibly important factors to consider, and only an expert jeweller will be able to advise on discovering the ‘one’.


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