Contrary to popular belief, Autumn is still here.


November may have begun, and the Christmas light switch-ons are well underway, but I personally can’t let go of Autumn until it is officially Winter.

Autumn is a very special time of year for all, and I was lucky to spend some of Autumn in Paris this year. The perfect time to go and sip Chocolat Chaud and eat cake.



But, if my “go to drink hot chocolate” didn’t sell it for you, then here are 3 legit reasons to actually visit Paris in Fall:

  1. Experience Paris’ Fall Foliage

Autumn in Paris means gloriously crisp days, and beautiful colours around every corner. These cooler days are the perfect time to see Paris, since it is still mild enough to walk everywhere, yet crisp enough to see Paris’ foliage in its autumnal glory. Walk the Champs de Elyees or the Louvre Palace to capture some incredibly vibrant fall shots. Faithful to true Parisian style, many of these trees are arranged in elegant lines, and the tree-hedges are in a gorgeous orderly arrangement like nowhere else.




2. Feel like a Parisian

School has started again, and tourists have began to leave the city before Christmas season begins. Although still a busy city, Autumn is the quietest time to visit. How does exploring the streets of Paris alongside the locals sound? And not fighting tourists for table views on the terrace? It’s mostly just you and the locals, generally. Sure, there are tourists around, but it’s half the amount compared to July. Sounds perfect to me.




3. It’s a cheaper time to visit Paris

From airfare to hotel costs, it is much less expensive to visit than Christmas, Spring, Summer or even February (Valentines Season: when prices increase incredibly – those on a budget should avoid like the plague). In summer, demand pushes the prices back up, so by Fall, everything is falling straight back down. *kerching*