It’s a winter wonderland in the midst of London’s hectic Christmas crowds.

Dalloway Terrace is a beautiful little cafĂ© and restaurant that has completely designed its interiors and exteriors to look like a winters dream – it just happens to also make the most warming hot chocolate too…

We stepped out on a Wednesday on a mission to get in a Christmasy mood in central London, and Dalloway Terrace sure did the trick.

We turned up without a reservation (despite the website stating they are all booked up) – but there’s nothing a little tweet and lucky visit can’t do. Luckily, we arrived and the place seemed near enough empty.

Don’t be deceived by its frosty interiors: blankets, cushions and hot water bottles galore are on offer her at the terrace, and we were pretty much roasting towards the end of our visit.

I was dying to try out the rest of the menu but I’ll have to save that for next time. Our hot chocolates had to do us for today – I guess the thick hot chocolate comes with a gingerbread men to nibble on if you do feel a bit peckish…

They have the most beautiful little florist pop-up shop outside too, which you just have to explore.